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Locks and Handles for BiFold **Plus** Folding Doors

Bi-Fold plus folding doors are supplied with exterior handles and a high security claw lock or shootbolt locking system as standard.

Handle Design

The handles used on bi-fold plus doors are the same design for both opening out and in doors. Traffic doors are fitted with a standard lever type handle,which operates a claw locking system. Schemes 220, 202, 440, 404, 422, 660 and 606, have a pair of low line handles and locking cylinder in place of the lever handle.


Lock specification

All BiFold-Plus doors have either a secured by design claw lock as standard on the single traffic door or on schemes 220, 202, 440, 404, 422, 660, and 606 a shootbolt locking system driven by a paired handle set. The claw locks into the main frame or adjacent door sash and the shootbolt locks into the concealed track at the top and bottom of the door.

BIFold-Plus claw lock and shootbolt locking system