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  • Measuring folding doors is simple, but please follow our basic guidelines.
  • For bi fold folding sliding doors to work smoothly and as designed, it is imperative that the outer frame is fitted level and square. To ensure this you must measure the brickwork aperture as shown below.
  • Measure the width and height in three places and then deduct 10mm off the smallest size. Therefore in the example below the order size would be 2185mm wide and 2090mm high.
  • Please also take into account the height of the door's threshold, that you step over. This is critical for the following reasons:
    • On open out folding doors with a standard pvc threshold, it allows the possibility of aligning your internal floor with the top of the threshold, to reduce the step over height.
    • On open out folding doors with an aluminium low threshold ( bi fold plus door only ), it ensures a level transition from outside to inside, or between internal rooms.
    • On open in doors it ensures that the opening door sashes do not foul your internal floor.
  • For details on the standard folding door threshold click here.
  • For details on the bi fold plus door threshold click here.
  • For details on the tecTURA door threshold click here.
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