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6 pane folding door showing scheme 615 liniar profile with siegenia hardware
  • Price:From £2990
  • Width Range:3600-5400mm
  • Height Range:1200-2250mm
  • Colour:White Only
  • Material:PVCu
  • Security:Secured by design*
  • Glass:4 "U" Value options
  • Delivery:2 to 3 weeks approx

The bifold PLUS six pane folding door is available in one scheme only, with prices starting from £2820, subject to size and specific design. To configure your choice of door, complete the form below and add to basket for your final price. For help read the technical data, which appears when you select an option below, or hover over the information icon, or for the full A-Z and CAD drawings select from the blue technical tab at the head of the page. All products are viewed from the outside.

Enter width in MillimetresMM only pleaseMin 4 digitsMaximum 4 digits MinimumMin size is 3600mmMax size is 5400mm
Example 2100mmMaximum 4 digitsEnter height in MillimetresMM only pleaseMinimum height is 1200mm.Max height is 2250mm

Standard Specification:

  • PVCu bifold PLUS Profile. bifold plus specification
  • Slim sight lines.
  • 28mm Toughened Argon Filled Glass.
  • Patented shoot bolt locking system into concealed track.
  • Small threshold height with option of low threshold for both open out and in doors.
  • *For enhanced security handles both sides with secured by design locking system are fitted as standard.
  • Sashes fully reinforced with galvanized steel.
  • Slide and Fold bi fold PLUS doors are carried on patented concealed hinge bogie wheel sets.
  • Co extruded low level sight line gaskets.
  • For ease of fit the frame is made in one.
  • Unlike some of our competitors our doors are made to measure. They are fully fabricated and assembled then individually tested. After final inspection the sashes are removed from the frame for ease of transport.

How to Measure:

  • Measure your aperture width in 3 separate places and then deduct 10mm off your smallest size. This will be your order size.
  • The height is determined by your threshold detail. You can either have a standard pvc threshold or an aluminium low threshold. With either option you will need to consider where the threshold will finish in relation to your finish floor level, which includes your final floor covering e.g. laminated floor, carpet tiles etc. The maximum height for bifold PLUS doors is 2250mm.
Please click on your chosen threshold detail: standard bifold plus pvc thresholdbifold plus aluminium low threshol;d
  • Scheme 633
Scheme 633 ifolding sliding door made from linear or rehau profile with siegenia hardware
  • Two sets of 3 doors sliding in opposite directions.
  • Scheme 633 Bi fold PLUS doors are designed with external key locking access as standard.
  • The two centre doors act as a set of french doors.
  • Secured by a claw lock locking system to the main door, and shootbolt locking systems to three other doors.
  • Available Open In or Out. Open out doors have patented C pull handles for ease of use as standard.
  • Fully reinforced with galvanized steel.
  • For ease of fit the frame is made in one piece.
  • Easy to fit.
  • Scheme 651
Scheme 651 bifold door in pvcu made from rehau or liniar profiles
  • Scheme 615
Scheme 615 folding sliding pvcu bi fold door in rehau or liniar profile
  • Scheme 660
Scheme 660 bi fold door with siegenia hardware
  • Scheme 606
Scheme 606 bi fold folding sliding door in liniar and rehau profile and siegenia hardware

Size Range:

  • Min: Width=3600mm. Max: Width= 5400mm.
  • Min:Height=1200mm. Max: Height= 2250mm.
  • To arrive at the correct price you must select the correct size range e.g. door width = 4575mm , the size range = 4501mm to 4650mm.

Size related and other FAQs

  • Q:  Can I couple a window to the top of the door?
  • A:   No. A steel lintel must be installed above the door, then additional glazing can be fitted above the lintel.
  • Q:   Can I install a door in a conservatory?
  • A:   Yes, subject to confirmation from Slide and Fold Ltd. Please do not order a door until you have verified with a slide and fold representative, the size of the door, type of conservatory frames and roof system. For very large doors the door must be fitted within a structural goalpost, that is capable of supporting your roof and the load of our doors. Please seek our advice. We highly recommend that you consider our window frames and roof system, as they are designed for this purpose.

Stock Colours

  • Six pane bifold plus doors are available in White only.
  • For additional colours in this size range please choose from the TECTura aluminium door range.
  • white-upvc-bifold-plus-door

Open In or Out?

Most people base their choice on the requirement for space,either to the inside or outside. Doors are designed to be either wholly Open In or Out and there is no key benefit from choosing one over the other. It remains a matter of choice only. However there are some minor differences:


Open In:
  • Doors require room space when open.
  • Bifold PLUS doors can be buried 70mm to allow just a 16mm PVC up stand.

Open Out:
  • No internal room space required.
  • Threshold can be buried to a maximum of 10mm.
  • Achieves a higher pascal weather rating as wind pressure pushes door sashes tight against patented weather seals.
  • Open Out doors are 75% of all doors supplied.

Bifold PLUS PVC Open Out Threshold

  • Click image to enlarge and print.
bifold plus door CAD drawing of threshold for open out doors from liniar, linear, HL plastics

Bifold PLUS PVC Open In Threshold

  • Click image to enlarge and print.
bifold plus door CAD drawing of threshold for open in doors from liniar, linear, HL plastics

Bifold PLUS Low Threshold With Cill

  • Click image to enlarge and print.
bifold plus door CAD drawing of aluminium low threshold with 150mm cill.


  • The industry standard is 150mm. A stub cill may be required if you have a small reveal or are sitting your door forward in the reveal and want to minimize the projection of the cill. You may choose an 180mm cill if the door is sitting back in the reveal and you need to bridge the brickwork at the base of the door.

cills for bifold folding doors

Bifold PLUS Handle Specification

    bifold plus c handle and hinge
  • On Scheme 633 the two centre doors act as a set of french doors, with a claw and shootbolt locking system fitted. The first and last door door also have a low line handle fitted to the inside only, which operates a shootbolt locking system. shootbolt locking .
  • Handles are the same for design for both open out and in doors.
handle both sides option for linear bifold plus folding sliding door
white bifold plus handle from liniar chrome bifold plus handle for linear gold coloured handle for bifold linear plus bi fold folding door
white handle for bifold plus door chrome handle for bifold plus bifold folding door gold handle for bifold plus folding sliding door


You have an option of selecting :

  • White hinges and rollers for White doors, at no additional cost
  • Black hinges and rollers for all coloured doors, at no additional cost
  • Chrome or Gold hinges and rollers for all coloured doors, at the additional cost shown


Choosing a hinge colour does not effect your handle colour. So please ensure, if you wish black hinges and rollers, but chrome or gold handles, that these options are selected

If you choose the MODLOCK upgrade the magnet colour matches the handle clour selected

standard bifold plus pvc thresholdbifold plus aluminium low threshol;d

Is your door for an extension ? :

  • All our doors are made to trickle vent for bifold plus doorsuch a high specification, they automatically conform to the current building (PART L) regulations. The only other consideration is if trickle ventilation is required.
  • All habitable rooms require 5000mm sq. of equivalent air.
  • If you have no other means of venting your room ( i.e. a brick vent, mechanical ventilation or another door or window with a trickle vent fitted) then a trickle vent will need to be fitted to your bi-fold door.
  • If a trickle vent is required it will be fitted to the top of the first and last door sash.

Is your door a replacement ? :

  • If you are replacing an existing door and not changing the structural width of your opening then building regulations do not apply.
  • If the door you are replacing has trickle ventilation already fitted, then it is a requirement that a trickle vent is fitted to the bi-fold door.
  • You may choose to have a vent fitted regardless of if being a requirement, to aid background ventilation.
u values for glass for bifold folding doors
  • 28mm toughened
  • Air / Argon filled
  • Aluminium / Swiss Spacer
  • Soft Low E coating
  • 1.7 W/m² K "U" value
  • Our glass conforms to building regulations as standard. However you can configure the choice of Low 'E' coating (1), Spacer Bar (2) and internal glass type (3). The lower the 'U' Value the higher the specification combined with lower energy costs and comfort. For more information and "U" value certificates click here.
Option 1:
Low E Coating
Spacer Bar
Internal Glass
Cavity Gas
Glass 'U' Value
Total 'U' Value
= Soft
= Aluminium
= Standard
= Air
= 1.5 u
= 1.7 u
Option 2:
Low E Coating
Spacer Bar
Internal Glass
Cavity Gas
Glass 'U' Value
Total 'U' Value
= Soft
= Aluminium
= Standard
= Argon
= 1.5 u
= 1.5 u
Option 3:
Low E Coating
Spacer Bar
Internal Glass
Cavity Gas
Glass 'U' Value
Total 'U' Value
= Soft
= Energy
= Standard
= Argon
= 1.2 u
= 1.4 u
Option 4
Low E Coating
Spacer Bar
Internal Glass
Cavity Gas
Glass 'U' Value
Total 'U' Value
= Soft
= Energy
= Soft
= Argon
= 1.2 u
= 1.3 u

Neutral Self Cleaning Glass:

  • Self-cleaning glass uses a microscopic coating with a unique dual-action. The first stage is "photocatalytic" - the coating reacts with daylight to break down organic dirt.
  • The second stage is "hydrophilic" - instead of forming droplets, rainwater hits the glass and spreads evenly, running off in a "sheet" and taking the loosened dirt with it, also drying quickly without leaving streaks.

Blue Solar Control Self Cleaning Glass:

  • Solar control glass can be used to minimise solar heat gain and help control glare. In temperate regions, it can be used to balance solar control with high levels of natural light. Solar control glass is ideal for large folding doors where solar heat gain could be an issue.
  • This attractive blue glass ,combines dual-action, self-cleaning properties with solar control performance for a cooler internal environment. Specially designed for the optimum unit ideal for folding doors. It uses daylight and rainwater to breakdown and wash away organic dirt from exterior surfaces. Its unique blue colour also helps keep internal temperatures cool whilst still maintaining excellent light transmittance.

Leaded Glass:

  • Lead is 12mm wide.
  • Choice of Square or Diamond Leaded.
  • When ordering square leaded please advise by e- mail your existing square size and preferred grid layout.
  • When ordering Diamond Leaded please advise existing diamond size.
  • CAD drawings are provided for square leaded glass only, to ensure our layout matches your current design.
  • If not advised otherwise we will manufacture to our standard layout.

Georgian Bar:

  • Choice of 18mm or 25mm bar width.
  • Available in White, Brown and Acorn colours.
  • When ordering please advise by e- mail your existing square size and preferred grid layout.
  • Full CAD drawings are provided after an order has been placed, to ensure our layout matches your current design or preferred choice.
  • If not advised otherwise we will manufacture to our standard layout .

Integral Blinds:

  • Our blinds are the industry leading ScreenLine design, direct from Pellini in Italy.
  • Available in ten colours, they are simple, quick and easy to use. More colours on request.integral-blinds-for-bifold-folding-doors
  • Controlled by a manual cord.
  • Current delivery on integral blinds is now only two to four weeks.
  • For more information click here
fixing details for folding bifold doorsuse foam for fitting bifold folding doorsuse correct silicone for fitting bifold folding doors
  • We highly recommend using our own fixing kits, when installing our Slide and Fold doors. It includes the exact same fixings,drill bits, and sealants that are used on our installations.


  • 2 x Jobber Size x 6.5mm HSS Drill Bits.
  • 2 x Long Series 148mm x 6.5mm HSS Drill Bits
  • 1 x 6.5mm x 150mm Masonry Drill Bit.
  • 20 x 7.5mm x 70mm Screws.
  • 15 x 7.5mm x 80mm Screws.
  • 10 x 7.5mm x 90mm Screws.
  • 1 x Torx Driver Bit.
  • 3 x Tube of Dow Corning Silicone.
  • 1 x 700ml Construction Foam

coorect fixing screws for bifold folding doors crrect drill bit for bifold folding doors coorect fixing screws for bifold folding doors

Installation Service:

  • Although our doors are extremely easy to fit we also offer a full installation service, for full peace of mind.
  • The cost on a 6 Pane door with no survey is £550 or £700 with a full survey included.
  • The warranty is one year on labour, plus a standard 5 year parts warranty.
  • Due to the demand for this service, delivery and installation is 4-6 weeks from date of order.

What we need from you:

  • Before ordering a door with an installation service, you must first be advised that we will undertake your order, by a representative. You will be given a reference number to validate your order.
  • You will need to e-mail digital pictures of the front and side access of your property. Plus images of the outside and inside view of where your door is to be installed.
  • You will be bound by all terms and conditions found at